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Back to Xufre via Riveira

and a bit of a history lesson....

We have posted about Riveira before – not liking it on our first very brief visit, but earlier this year getting to know and like the place very much.

So here is just new stuff, for a longer post with more detail see our post HERE

We knew that the large fish market was next to the marina, but this time we went up to the gantry that runs around the building from very close to the marina entrance. From here you can see down into the auction and we watched boats unloading whilst drinking a beer in the  cafe on the gantry:

Next came our history lesson in the form of a walk to Castro Da Cida, an iron age fort on a hilltop with breath-taking views as shown in the cover photograph above. 

The fort is only around 1.5km from the marina as the crow flies, but we must have walked at least double that distance and our net vertical ascent was 210 metres. All on a hot sunny day when we forgot to pack water in our rucksack. We didn’t turn back, sure that we would find a shop to buy a bottle of water. Mistake!

Just beneath the Castro is the Miradoiro Pedra da Ra, with its huge standing stone from which the Miradoiro takes its name – “stone of the frog”. From one angle the 15 metre high rock resembles a frog. Our search for information suggests that this is a natural formation and may have been a sacred place in ancient times.

The views from this viewing place are indeed spectacular and very long ranging up and down the coast and up into Ria Arousa. We would recommend taking binoculars.

The view below looks down to the dunes of Corubedo with the town on its promontory beyond.

We took a different route on the way down and stumbled across another ancient site in the Parque de San Roque, sitting above Riveira, with great views across the town and Ria Arousa..

We took the opportunity to have another good meal in the yacht club, but best of all for wine anorak Paul was a visit to the excellent Vinoteca Tucho.

They had as good a selection of wine that we had found in the Rias and at reasonable prices.

As we had the car with us Paul wanted to take some home for the cellar and we had a good chat with the proprietor. We also bought a few regional products as gifts to take home.


At the end of our visit the proprietor gave us vouchers for a free visit to Pazo Rubianes, who’s Albarino wine had been voted best in Galicia this year. We had intended to visit, so were very pleased to receive a free voucher for the two of us plus Jos (who was due to visit us shortly). Tucha also stocked the red wine voted as Galicia’s best this year and so we took some of that away with us also (O Promine Singular from Bodega Petron. This name will appear again in the next blog……).

Vinoteca Tucha is located on the main road just outside of the marina and has a good website HERE

After 4 nights in Riveira, armed with a stash of good wine and more memories of this great sailing ground we headed just over 7nm up the Ria back to Xufre – where the giant travel lift was waiting for us. Once again Alex carefully put us into our winter cradle. This will be our fourth year and probably our last for a little while in the boatyard. 

Breaking with the pattern of motoring for most of this year we managed to have a very lovely final sail of the year for almost an hour of the trip in the calm, protected water of the Ria.


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  1. You will be SO to leave Galicia . It is a wonderful area . Thank you for sharing your experiences. X Mum

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