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Vigo City Break

Fine dining and a medical emergency

The problem turned out, as suspected, to be a detached retina and urgent attention was required.

John received excellent attention from the medical staff. John wanted to move Shiraz to RCN Vigo to be closer to the city’s facilities and with easier access to the hospital. John really didn’t need to do anything but rest for the moment and so on Monday morning we motored (no surprise there) the 5.5 nautical miles to RCN Vigo, where space had become available after the busy weekend.

Punta Lagoa marina sits beneath the hill seen here above Calypso. It is farther than it looks given the need to walk all around the major port facility that sits between the two marinas.

And so after a 40 minute walk we boarded Shiraz and helped Debbie to bring her around to the West basin of RCN Vigo – the calmer of the two basins which will suit John through his recovery, which will take quite some time.

So here is Shiraz in what will turn out to be her winter berth. John and Debbie had intended to return to Xufre for the winter, but John’s recovery will be slow and they decided that Vigo would be a good place to be until they could travel home – and this vibrant city would be a good place for a winter apartment!

After his operation poor John had to keep his head almost permanently pointing at the ground (whilst an air buble pressed the reattached retina to the back of his eye).

However he was not to be defeated and we all enjoyed city life – taking G&Ts in the lovely green square behind the marina and on the rooftop bar at nearby Hotel Maroa – among several other venues……

The English family that we met in Bare Arse Bay had told us about an excellent new Michelin starred restaurant, Maruja Limon, which as it happens is one of the closest restaurants to the marina. This is rather more extravagant than our normal fayre, but we booked and had an excellent value meal/experience.

What a treat this turned out to be, and frankly better than the few other Michelin starred restaurants we have tried. We saw 8 staff serving 12 diners that evening and were treated to amazing service and food. 

Val nailed it when she said that the service was “balletic”! If you get the chance – treat yourself.

(And, by the way, we didn’t go home hungry.)

One day, during our week long city break, we walked the 5 miles or so West from the marina to the resort area at Playa Samil.

We passed some interesting sites: old town; industrial port; beach areas and finally arrived at the family resort of Samil.

After ice creams we checked the bus timetable and went to the stop at the back of the beach.

After a long wait with some local girls, checking and rechecking the timetable, the girls discovered that there was an industrial dispute.

As we discussed sharing a taxi a bus finally arrived – but would only take us half way home. We finally reached Calypso tired and dehydrated.

We had intended to soak in the atmosphere and join in with the party in the seafront area of the city which was hosting both a large dinghy championship (from the marina) and a street sports tournament with two separate arenas – complete with good natured gangs of skateboarders, BMX and scooter riders hangin’ out doing tricks in the surrounding area.

We’re sure they had a lively evening, but we showed our age and turned in early!

The following day we wandered around watching the sporting events and had lunch in the Real Club Nautico restaurant which has the feel of a 1930’s ocean liner. We have had Sunday lunch here before and been surprised that the place is not packed.

A toddler got Val’s attention and soon we were chatting with a lovely Spanish family.

Grandad was clearly proud of his son who had just started a clothing business – creating Hawaiian shirts with a Galician themed print – two being modelled here….see    

We chatted in a mix of Spanish and English but, for a change here in Galicia – mostly English, phew!

The following day we bid adieu to John and Debbie, wishing John the best with his ongoing recovery. Their summer sailing was over, although there are far worse places to recuperate, especially for Debbie (retail therapy opportunities abound!) 

We will see them again before we head home, but for now we would head off to Limens….

Distance Traveled Since Leaving Xufre – 73 nm

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