Calypso Capers

Coming Soon (when we have wifi!)

We always thought that our only readers would be the kids and Paul’s mum.

However having now exceeded 30,000 hits in the first 17 months we realise that even Paul’s mum is not that much of a stalker, and we recently discovered that the kids rarely look in. They probably can’t stand watching us SKI.

It is good to find that others find our travels interesting – and hopefully some readers are those who will be making plans to follow behind shortly – as we read the blogs of those who were out there doing this as we made our preparations.

Anyway, enough of that, this is just a short post by one finger (i.e. On the iPhone by mobile data) to say that we haven’t abandoned our travels, or this blog, but have not had access to wifi over the past couple of weeks to post.

We returned home from Pornichet with Alice and James for a couple of weeks, returning to Pornichet into a slightly unpleasant situation before departing to L’Herbaudiere (Ile Noirmoutier) and now Port Joinville (Ile d’Yeu). The photo shows the architecture on these islands – feels like the Algarve or Mallorca in parts!

We have enjoyed both of these places, one being our favourite to date, but the full account will have to wait until we get decent wifi – which will hopefully be very soon!

Until then, a bientot nos amis.

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