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Before setting off we wanted to undertake some preventative maintenance in the engine compartment, and Wayne of Marine Drive engineering came aboard to replace the saildrive seal, look at the exhaust elbow and change the diesel injectors.

The first job was to look at the exhaust elbow, which we agreed needed replacement as it is getting choked, and at 20 years old is past its sell-by date.

Then came the saildrive seal, but work ceased when we discovered water trapped in the void inside the engine/saildrive bed moulding. Fortunately this turned out to be fresh water, and so we simply installed a drain hole in the bed. After a forum request for advice, a fellow Moody owner did confirm our thoughts and advised that that the Volvo engine/saildrive bed replacement instructions indicate that a drain hole should be installed.

Had the water been salty then engine and engine bed removal and glossing in a new bed would have set us back weeks and thousands!

Wayne inspected the lower shaft of the saildrive and identified some deep scoring, meaning more expense as a new shaft was required. We also agreed that the clamp ring was corroded and needed replacement. So a job that should have been finished by 5pm On the day it was started dragged on for a couple of weeks.

That said, Wayne promised to have us back in the water by our booked launch date, and by working an odd weekend and evening he did just that, including fitting new fuel injectors.

When we came to pay, a nice surprise was that the bill was a few hundred pounds less than we expected. We did have a quote but that did not include all the additional work. Wayne then came aboard for relaunch to ensure that all was working (and if need be to bleed fuel through to the injectors) and refused additional payment – “all part of the service” he said.

A friend said said we would never get all of this work done over the 6 months of winter lay up (you know who you are, you pessimistic p..p…person!) and there was a great effort by all concerned to get to the finishing post in time – we are very grateful to all of you.

Over the winter we (personally) did a few other jobs –

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