Rectifying Moody S38 Forestay Attachment Defect

…and a rigging inspection The standing rigging on Calypso (the wires that hold the mast up) was 10 and 11 years old and it had been 3 years since we had it professionally inspected (we would have done it last year but for Covid). In addition we had become aware of an inherent defect affecting […]

Thrustergate – and the result of the fitting out

OK, here is a confession: when Paul gets tired he should just put his dummy in and go to sleep – but no; he drives himself to keep working…………….and then he makes mistakes. He knows this happens and yet he keeps on coming back for more!

So as we were launched the first toy to be tested was inevitably the bowthruster. Which clearly wasn’t working.

Fitting Out Underway…Engine Work

ENGINE WORK Before setting off we wanted to undertake some preventative maintenance in the engine compartment, and Wayne of Marine Drive engineering came aboard to replace the saildrive seal, look at the exhaust elbow and change the diesel injectors. The first job was to look at the exhaust elbow, which we agreed needed replacement as […]

Fitting Out Underway…

During our first long term cruise, this year we knew that we had a few creaking systems and lacked some systems that we would want to install to make life on board more comfortable. We mostly managed, but the old fridge (scheduled for replacement at the end of the cruise) lasted only 2 days before being pronounced dead!

Calypso – the detail

All About Calypso and Her History

Here is a description of Calypso and her systems and fitting out. This is, firstly a record of Calypso as we acquired her and our thoughts, research and actions as we fit her out for cruising

Calypso in brief

Calypso is a 38′ sailing yacht. She has 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms plus an open plan kitchen/living/chart table area.
The galley has twin sinks, a fridge and an oven with 2 gas rings and a grill. We have standing room through all of the boat except above the beds.


More information can be found about Moodys on the owners’ association website HERE

We have followed blogs of people who have gone before us, some of which can be found here: