Calypso Capers

Crossing La Manche

A nearly perfect crossing…..

We had crossed the English Channel by sail once before – from Southampton to Alderney, then back again, at the end of October, overnight, through the shipping lanes and in a gale. We thoroughly enjoyed that experience with a pro skipper (from BOSS) on board, but wanted something a little less taxing for our first venture on our own, with Calypso.

Losing our Virginity in Falmouth

Our rafting virginity, that is!

We were able to leave Plymouth at civilised hour – and at 09.05 on Sunday 28th May we radioed the lock and passed straight through. We hoisted the mainsail to give some stability but winds were mostly too light to turn off the engine and we motored almost the entire 42 nm to Falmouth, other than for a 2 hour sailing stint.

Plymouth Again – but NOT in the Haven!

We had initially thought that we would revisit either Dartmouth or Salcombe, but in the end, with France still some way in the distance, we opted for another long day’s sail (well, motoring, actually) and press on to Plymouth.

As usual we timed our departure to have the tide with us most of the way. Fortunately on the 24th May this was 09.00 am – just after breakfast, how civilised!

Hamble Point, Yarmouth and Weymouth

We watched a good week of easterly winds go by as our departure from Hamble Point was delayed by ………Thrustergate!

We made the most of the good weather by walking firstly into Hamble village for a farmers’ market and the following day to the Solent boat jumble at Netley, 3.5 miles up Southampton Water (and picking up a few bargains).

Thrustergate – and the result of the fitting out

OK, here is a confession: when Paul gets tired he should just put his dummy in and go to sleep – but no; he drives himself to keep working…………….and then he makes mistakes. He knows this happens and yet he keeps on coming back for more!

So as we were launched the first toy to be tested was inevitably the bowthruster. Which clearly wasn’t working.