Calypso Capers

All’s Well That Ends Well

So what went wrong to lead to the title of this blog?

1. We had to get up at 4.00am to get to Dublin in daylight. And we like our bed;
2. Paul usually gives too much “offing”, but not through the Copeland Islands overfalls;
3. It took 5 minutes longer than the passage plan to get to Howth (Dublin) – 16 hours and 5 minutes!
4. After getting excited about Howth they told us we couldn’t stay;

A sailing blog at last

We ended up staying at Rothesay for 12 nights waiting for a weather window, but enjoyed every moment. The weather was breezy but beautiful. It is not our intention to sail every day and visit as many places as we can (exhausting ourselves in the process). Instead we intend to linger and smell the roses (well, ok, the seaweed), just as we did here. But the time came….

Waiting for the weather!

We called the Rothesay berthing master on our way back from Portavadie. “Hello Dave, it’s Paul on Calypso here – have you any room?”

“Aye, you’re the guy who cannae steer in reverse” was the retort. Yes we have plenty of space – even fer ye”.

And so we arrived on Sunday, allowing Graham and Amanda to catch the early ferry on Monday morning, leaving us to sit out the forecast high winds for a day or three. So we thought.

Life’s a bag of prawns……..

We are writing this in Rothesay harbour having just waved goodbye to our friends Graham and Amanda, who traveled to Kip to spend a farewell weekend with us and to bring up final bits and pieces – and alcohol to fill the bilges with!

Re-winding a little, we arrived at Kip by train. The journey did not go as smoothly as it might – firstly we couldn’t retrieve the tickets as Paul had chopped up the card that they were purchased with, and then………

Hard Work Rewarded

So after two long hard days of servicing, antifouling and waxing the boat – I thought it was time to find out what the “Scooby Snack” on the menu at the Chart Room looked like. So here it is – and as a lifelong fan of Scooby Doo – I have to say that they did it justice! Scooby Dooby Dooooooooooo!!!

Shaggy and I took a van-full of gear to Calypso at the weekend and not only ………….