Calypso Capers

2016 in numbers and 2017 plans

Including sailing a bit faster!

We followed our intended plan for 2016 quite closely, leaving Cambeltown, Scotland for Glenarm, Ireland; traveling down the East coast of Ireland to Arklow, jumping off from there to Milford Haven. After exploring the Welsh estuary of Milford Haven we rounded Land’s End, overnight, to Falmouth in Cornwall and headed East via Devon and Dorset to the Solent, ending the year at Hamble Point Marina, where fitting out works were planned.

This involved:

748 nautical miles;

117 hours on motor including motor sailing;

34 hours sail only;

Average speed 4.95 kts

117 nights in a marina;

28 nights on a mooring ball/mid-river pontoon;

1 night at anchor;

1 night at sea;

6.35 days average stay at each of 23 stopping points;

£23.96 average nightly cost of parking;

£220 spent on diesel (29p/nm);

£ CENSORED spent on beer;


Looking at the above numbers it would be good to reduce our average overnight parking cost – possibly more anchoring and mooring balls, and lower French marina fees may assist.

It would be good to motor less. The high percentage of motoring is largely due to selecting a weather forecast for long passages that should have just had us sailing, but on each of the 3 longest passages the wind was a little lighter than forecast and saw us motorsailing. Better that than getting caught out by setting off with a forecast at the higher end of our comfort zone which then pipes up by a couple of Beauforts! However we may have to be slightly more adventurous.

We averaged only around 5kts. We do sail faster than that but feel we are under propped – we should be motoring at 6kts+ but see only 5kts at 2600rpm. We are speaking to a propeller supplier and that could be the major investment in 2017/8 winter. Forum research suggests that the Flex-o-Fold is a good prop for us – but the cost is over £2k! (EDIT – the jury is out on the Flexo-Fold – awaiting detail on galvanic corrosion issues reported on forums).

So, on to our travel plans for 2017.

Our plan is to travel from Southampton down to the West Country, stopping off at some favourites from last year but adding in Yarmouth, Weymouth and Brixham, which we had to miss out in our rush to get to Southampton in time for a university reunion and the Southampton boat show.

From somewhere between Plymouth and Falmouth we will hop across on an overnight passage to L’Aber Wrach or (if we can hit the Chenal du Four at slack tide by good fortune) Camaret, hopefully arriving by early June.

From there we will head around the tip of Brittany and cruise the south of Brittany and Loire Atlantique. We return home for a couple of weeks in the height of summer and then return to the boat in the car. We already have a haul out date in a marina in the area on 21st September, from where (weather permitting) we head down to end the season with a spot of wine tasting in the Bordeaux region, visit the La Rochelle boat show and return home in early October.

Well, that was our plan – typing this in Weymouth with Westerly winds forecast for 10 days or so suggests that end of May across the Channel might be optimistic!

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Preparing to move aboard

We have been acquiring “stuff” over a period but the “stuff to buy” list was getting longer. So since the Christmas break we have been stepping up the pace.
Since we acquired Calypso we have been purchasing things, as you do, for your hobby – new life jackets, anchor, granny shopping trolley (oops, the secret’s out but it’s useful, honest guv), fishing gear etc. etc..

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Sailing Plans

With the caveat that “all plans are written in sand at low water” our broad intentions for the year, before we set of, are as follows (and we won’t edit this page as it will be interesting to see how things change as we go along – friends set off from Plymouth several years ago intending to be in a marina in the Mediterranean by the winter – and it took them 3 years to get there):

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Escape to the sun

During our 17 day holiday in July 2015 we were out on the water for only 4 days – and on one of those it never stopped raining.

Back in the marina, bemoaning the weather and drowning our sorrows (well, there was nothing else to do) with our friends Jenny and Nigel, we hatched a plan.

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The Early Capers

Calypso Capers Around the Clyde 2013-2015

We have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of destinations within a short distance of Kip Marina. During our first 2 seasons we were blessed with fantastic weather

Our favourite spots around the area are:

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